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Servicing & Repairs

Dear valued customer, in case your DOXA SUB needs regular maintenance work or warranty service, please use the form below. You will provided a request number, that will be used throughout the process of servicing your watch.

DOXA has several certified service centres where we can assist you with required repairs or servicing for your SUB. To initiate the process or to make an enquiry, please fill in the DOXA Repair Request Form below. Once we have received and processed your repair request, we will assign you an RMA number, and advise the service centre where we will be able to assist you according to your location and watch model. You will be provided with detailed shipping instructions at this point, including the address of the service centre. Please DO NOT send your watch without having contacted us first - all repairs require an RMA number in order to be processed correctly.

Once your watch has been received and inspected by our technicians at the service centre, we will provide you with a quote outlining the required repairs and associated costs according to your requests and the results of the inspection and testing process. We will then proceed with the repairs once we have received your confirmation.

We recommend allowing around 12 weeks for completion and return shipping. Please note that we cannot provide updates on the service or repairs while the work is in progress. In the event that there is a delay, we will contact you directly with an update.

When the repairs are completed, we will send you an email to arrange payment, and once your payment is received, your watch will be shipped as soon as possible and the tracking details for the return shipment will be provided to you.

DOXA offers a 1 year warranty on all servicing and repairs - please note that the warranty relates only to the work or repairs completed, and does not include any additional problems which arise during this 12 month period.

Request for repair

DOXA Service Terms and Conditions
The General Process

After we have received and processed your completed RMA form, we will send you the shipping instructions for your watch to the appropriate service centre. Please, never send your watch without contacting DOXA first. Watches sent without notice to DOXA Watches will not be the responsibility of DOXA Watches.

Once your watch has been received and inspected by our technicians, we will send you a detailed quote outlining the work and parts required (as applicable). We will then ask you to sign and return this quote to us before the repairs and/or service are undertaken.

When the work on your watch has been completed, you will be contacted by DOXA either by phone or email and informed of the total cost of the repair. Once we have received payment from you, we will then ship the watch back to you.

Time-Frames and Updates

Updates Please note that it is NOT POSSIBLE to provide updates during all services and repairs at any of our service centres. If there is a delay, DOXA will contact you via email with these details.

Standard Service - For standard interval services and general repairs for DOXA re-edition collection SUBs, please allow for a minimum of 12 weeks from the time the watch has been received by the service centre. Where spare parts are required to complete your repair or service, it is important to note that these parts must first be shipped from the DOXA factory in Switzerland.

Vintage Service and Restoration - For vintage restorations, it is very important to note that due to the nature of the work, it can take up to six months for the restoration to be completed. Unfortunately there are absolutely no original spare parts available for vintage DOXA models. At this time we can only offer movement servicing for vintage DOXA SUBs.

Note for European Union Customers: Please do not discard the original shipping paperwork, this is the proof that taxes have already been paid for your watch. Some customs authorities in Europe might request VAT upon return of the watch after repair. Please note that DOXA will not bear those eventual additional taxes.

Request for repair


    Read what owners say about Doxa dive watches »

    J.E., Rancho Mirage, CA, DOXA SUB5000T Caribbean

    Just a short note to say that my Sub 5000T (68/5000) arrived in tact. It is an amazing watch and I could not be more satisfied. Special pricing made it possible sooner than I thought, and I believe I got a true bargain in a dive watch recognized around the world. My sincere thanks to all at Doxa who had a hand in producing my Seaconqueror.

    Read what owners say about DOXA dive watches »
    Joseph S., Sub 750T Professional #4093/5000

    I have to say it is an awesome piece.As an owner of a few Rolex's and Tags, I was recently thinking of adding a Rolex Sub to my collection.But the article in hr:Watches and your web site helped me in my decision.Now I have the right Sub a DOXA.Your service is great at my door in 4 days.This watch including the box it comes in far surrpass any Rolex I have and for a lot less money.Very pleased&impressed.

    Read what owners say about DOXA dive watches »
    Dean, Alberta, Canada, 2006 SUB750T Clive Cussler Professional Edition 4504/5000

    Thank you for a brilliant time piece. The watch looks a million times better in person than in the spectacular photos on the official forum and on the website (which are what sold me in the first place). This watch is unquestionably one of the finest watches I have ever purchased.

    I am very, very glad I bought this watch. Doxa's quick turnaround and prompt responses to all of my queries was also much appreciated. I normally hate waiting for things, but like a very few select other parts of my life this watch was well worth the 4 day wait.


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