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In 1999, Rick Marei approached the owners of DOXA (the Jenny family) with a plan to re-launch the DOXA SUB line. Rick had been quietly studying the shift in the watch industry. He noted, as some others had already, that there was a growing appreciation and demand for non-quartz watches. But more than this, he also saw a real demand for unusual and unique design - and the DOXA SUB fit the bill in both categories.

Rick was clearly cut from the same cloth as Georges Ducommun and Urs Eschle, as well as the Jenny family - he appreciated and valued the traditional watch making techniques and shared their belief in Swiss craftsmanship. But as with DOXA's other innovators he did not live in the past. While he built on DOXA's rich history - he always had his eye on the future. And just as the DOXA "forefathers" had taken existing ideas and moved them in new directions, so did Rick. Georges, Urs and the Jennys had been creative innovators, not willing to merely do things as they had always been done. This is what had driven DOXA innovations such as the 8 day movement, the orange faced diving watch and the Helium Release Valve. Rick felt that the traditional sales channels did not provide adequate opportunities to share the DOXA story. It was the internet where Rick placed his faith, where he would spread the word about DOXA. And so, in 2002, Rick and the Jennys reissued the DOXA SUB - for sale ONLY on the internet!


The SUB 300T

August 2002 saw the DOXA SUB resurface to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its original launch. The DOXA SUB 300T was offered in two versions: the SUB 300T Professional and the SUB 300T Seahunter. These watches had DOXA's iconic orange dial and no-decompression bezel (which would be in meters instead of feet). The Professional was a nod to the original DOXA SUB. The Seahunter version was created in honor of Dr. Clive Cussler and the Seahunters. The Seahunters are a group of divers who look for and explore shipwrecks. The 300T Seahunter would have a blue second hand, a small diver on the lower left-hand portion of the dial, and the name "SEAHUNTER" engraved on the case back. Both the Professional and the Seahunter were limited editions of 1000 pieces - and were sold almost as quickly as they had been introduced.

The reissued SUB 300T Professional and Seahunter announced DOXA's triumphant return to the manufacture of the DOXA SUB after nearly 15 years. But another interesting phenomenon was born out of this as well - people started communicating directly with DOXA, sharing their opinions, giving suggestions and confirming what Rick and the Jennys had long suspected - people didn't just buy a watch, they entered a relationship. A watch was, for many people, an emotional purchase. DOXA moved from simply being in the watch business to being in the relationship business.


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    J.E., Rancho Mirage, CA, DOXA SUB5000T Caribbean

    Just a short note to say that my Sub 5000T (68/5000) arrived in tact. It is an amazing watch and I could not be more satisfied. Special pricing made it possible sooner than I thought, and I believe I got a true bargain in a dive watch recognized around the world. My sincere thanks to all at Doxa who had a hand in producing my Seaconqueror.

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    Joseph S., Sub 750T Professional #4093/5000

    I have to say it is an awesome piece.As an owner of a few Rolex's and Tags, I was recently thinking of adding a Rolex Sub to my collection.But the article in hr:Watches and your web site helped me in my decision.Now I have the right Sub a DOXA.Your service is great at my door in 4 days.This watch including the box it comes in far surrpass any Rolex I have and for a lot less money.Very pleased&impressed.

    Read what owners say about DOXA dive watches »
    Dean, Alberta, Canada, 2006 SUB750T Clive Cussler Professional Edition 4504/5000

    Thank you for a brilliant time piece. The watch looks a million times better in person than in the spectacular photos on the official forum and on the website (which are what sold me in the first place). This watch is unquestionably one of the finest watches I have ever purchased.

    I am very, very glad I bought this watch. Doxa's quick turnaround and prompt responses to all of my queries was also much appreciated. I normally hate waiting for things, but like a very few select other parts of my life this watch was well worth the 4 day wait.


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