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Every newly discovered and explored shipwreck brings with it a vast array of personal and archaeological history.

Sea Hunters journey to demonstrate a better undertanding of mankind's endeavours in the world's oceans through the careful examination of each site and the history surrounding it using the latest underwater technology from submarines, 3-D imaging sonar and the latest mixed-gas dive equipment.

The Seahunters documentary series deals with the search, documentation and historic backgrounds of shipwrecks found in the oceans of the world, as well as the programs in place to protect and preserve these relics of our maritime past.



The title of the series comes from the book, 'The Sea Hunters' by Clive Cussler, who has sold more than 100 million shipwreck adventure books world-wide and is renowned as one of the best selling authors of all time, making him the perfect presenter of this series.


James Delgado is one of the world's leading maritime archaeologists. As host, he not only dives to some of the wrecks, he adds the history, mystery and the hard facts to these epic ocean tales.

Author or editor of some thirty books, including the "British Museum Encyclopaedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology," his most recent book, "Adventures of a Sea Hunter" relives many of the series' most exciting and incredible episodes. When not sea hunting, he is the Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum.


Mike Fletcher is one of the world's leading hard-hat suit and deepwater divers. As a key member of the Sea Hunter's team, he operates as our dive expert and second underwater camera. Mike's commercial dive background has taken him all over the world planning and executing some of the most difficult dives ever attempted.


Warren Fletcher has traveled with his father diving shipwrecks around the globe. Like his Dad, Warren is a fully licensed commercial diver. As the team's dive coordinator, Warren must keep the dives safe, on schedule and on budget. His underwater camera allows our viewers to watch Mike and Jim as they explore each fascinating wreck site.


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    J.E., Rancho Mirage, CA, DOXA SUB5000T Caribbean

    Just a short note to say that my Sub 5000T (68/5000) arrived in tact. It is an amazing watch and I could not be more satisfied. Special pricing made it possible sooner than I thought, and I believe I got a true bargain in a dive watch recognized around the world. My sincere thanks to all at Doxa who had a hand in producing my Seaconqueror.

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    Joseph S., Sub 750T Professional #4093/5000

    I have to say it is an awesome piece.As an owner of a few Rolex's and Tags, I was recently thinking of adding a Rolex Sub to my collection.But the article in hr:Watches and your web site helped me in my decision.Now I have the right Sub a DOXA.Your service is great at my door in 4 days.This watch including the box it comes in far surrpass any Rolex I have and for a lot less money.Very pleased&impressed.

    Read what owners say about DOXA dive watches »
    Dean, Alberta, Canada, 2006 SUB750T Clive Cussler Professional Edition 4504/5000

    Thank you for a brilliant time piece. The watch looks a million times better in person than in the spectacular photos on the official forum and on the website (which are what sold me in the first place). This watch is unquestionably one of the finest watches I have ever purchased.

    I am very, very glad I bought this watch. Doxa's quick turnaround and prompt responses to all of my queries was also much appreciated. I normally hate waiting for things, but like a very few select other parts of my life this watch was well worth the 4 day wait.


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