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Q&A when Tradition meets Technology

This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) list originated on the Official Doxa Forum. It is based on various questions and responses that have appeared in the Forum.

DOXA "Swiss Made since 1889"

Every DOXA watch, listed on this website is Swiss Made, The FHS, the federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has enforced a law "regulating the use of the label 'Swiss Made' for watches", which sets out the minimum conditions that have to be fulfilled before a watch merits the "Swiss made" label. Every DOXA timepiece offered on this website meets and (usually far exceeds), the requirements of the Swiss made label laws, as enforced by the federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. Additionally, every DOXA watch found on this website are 100% hand-assembled in the heart of Switzerland. This Swiss made label ("place of origin" in legal terms) enjoys a solid reputation throughout the world, and we at DOXA are proud to be allowed to use it.

"Swiss made" embodies a concept of quality that has been forged over the years. It includes the technical quality of watches (accuracy, reliability, water-resistance and shock-resistance), as well as their aesthetic quality (elegance and originality of design).

DOXA Warranty and Service:

We here at DOXA take a great deal of pride in watches that we offer, and more than that we value the relationship we have with you, our customer.

Important Warranty Information for the DOXA SUB

While many of you have purchased your watch directly from us at DOXA ONLINE or through a Retail Partner - DOXA ONSITE; some of you have obtained your DOXA through a private seller. We want to ensure that you understand the warranty policy and how it impacts service for your DOXA watch.

The DOXA Warranty is a two (2) year limited warranty. The DOXA Warranty applies to the original owner/purchaser of the watch. When you purchase your DOXA watch, you will receive a warranty card that will list the watch serial number, and the date of purchase. This serial number along with your name as the original owner/purchaser will be registered with DOXA's Service Center. If you purchase your watch through an authorized Retail Partner - DOXA ONSITE, the retail partner will forward your warranty information to DOXA. Only the person listed as the purchaser/owner of the watch will be able to receive DOXA authorized warranty service. IMPORTANT - you must have a completely filled-in warranty card to have a valid warranty.

Effective November 1st, 2008 DOXA Warranties will no longer be transferable to future owners of a previously purchased/owned DOXA SUB. The warranty will only be valid for the original purchaser/owner - i.e. the individual named as the owner with the service center.

Warranty Service for your DOXA watch

Limited two-year Warranty

Your watch is manufactured using superlative materials and built to meet or exceed stringent Swiss quality standards. DOXA warrants the functioning of your timepiece for the period of two years from the date of original purchase. This warranty protects the owner and specifically excludes the loss of function caused by accident, misuse, mistreatment, abuse, neglect, and improper or unauthorized service. This warranty does not cover the strap and bracelet. DOXA is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages of any kind.

In the event of malfunction within the warranty period, DOXA will remedy the covered defect at no cost to the owner once the owner delivers the watch to DOXA or an authorized DOXA repair facility. The decision to repair or replace a timepiece belongs solely to DOXA. If your DOXA should require warranty service, please contact


Thank you for choosing DOXA.

Q: I bought the watch from a store as a "previously owned" watch and they are offering a 1 year warranty. Will this be added to the remainder of the DOXA Warranty?

A: In this instance the DOXA Warranty is no longer in effect and any warranty offered by the store would be in effect. Should you need service for the watch under the warranty offered by the store, you will need to contact the store for service.

Q: I bought my DOXA SUB from an internet based sales site, and was told that the watch was new, with a blank warranty card, etc., is the DOXA Warranty in effect?

A: No, the DOXA Warranty covers DOXA SUBs purchased from either DOXA Direct, or authorized DOXA Retail Partners. Any DOXA SUB sold with a blank warranty card will not be covered by the DOXA Warranty.

Q. What is the difference between the DOXA SUB750T models?

The DOXA SUB750T Professional and Dirk Pitt Models are identical, except for the engraving on the case back. The Dirk Pitt model commemorates the movie SAHARA and Dirk Pitt and is engraved accordingly, Dirk Pitt edition XXXX/5000 and also "SAHARA" movie © 2005 Desertlands Entertainment LTD. The Professional Clive Cussler edition model is engraved (Professional edition XXXX/5000) on the case back.

Q. What is a Chronometer or COSC certified movement?

A. A chronometer is a high-precision watch capable of displaying the hours and seconds, housing a movement that has been tested over several days, in different positions and at different temperatures, by an official neutral body (COSC). Please refer to for more details.

Q. Where do I get the operating instructions for my DOXA SUB?

A. Following the motto "when tradition meets technology" DOXA is the first Swiss watch manufacturer to offer a full interactive electronic animated manual for their wrist watches, whether you are a DOXA customer or watch enthusiast you can download a free copy of operating instructions. Please click on DOXA SUB600T/SUB750T operating instructions and choose "save as". Then simply unzip the file you downloaded and run the executable file. Then simply read through the operating instructions.

Q. Is there a service center for DOXA watches in the USA, what if my watch needs service?

A. DOXA has multiple Service locations throughout the USA, All watches are collected by the main hub in Hayes, VA, then directed to the service center or HQ in Europe. In the unlikely case that you experience any problems with one of our products purchased on this site, please use this form to initiate a Service request, in order to receive the shipping instructions to the main hub in VA.

Q. What is the difference between the DOXA SUB1000T and the previous DOXA SUB 300T, 600T and 750T re-editions?

A. The DOXA SUB1000T Professional is the latest evolution of the DOXA SUB. Incorporating all that we've learned from the 300, 600 and 750T, the 1000T is quite naturally the most advanced DOXA SUB to date.

Q. Which model is the famous orange face DOXA?

A. Of the current DOXA SUB models, the DOXA SUB1500T Professional, SUB 5000T Professional, SUB 4000T Professional, SUB 1200T Professional, 750T GMT Professional, MISSION 31 Professional SUB, SUB 800Ti Professional and the SUB 300T Graph Professional all share the original DOXA orange DNA.

Dirk Pitt® has worn several orange face DOXA watches in his 22 Clive Cussler adventures and the very same DOXA was mentioned more than 100 times in the Dirk Pitt® Novels. Among them are several orange DOXA SUB600Ts and SUB300Ts. In the movie Sahara, Dirk Pitt® wore an orange DOXA SUB600T and DOXA SUB300T Professional model.

Q. What is the return policy on DOXA watches?

A. DOXA offers a 7 day money back guarantee on every watch purchased on this website, the watch should be in original condition and scratch and damage free, in case of a return, the purchase amount will be refunded instantly excluding the shipping costs. In order to return a product, please contact DOXA at for a return form.

Q. I stumbled over the name DOXA while reading Clive Cussler's novels? Who is DOXA?

A. Some Clive Cussler fans think DOXA is a work of fiction like "Dirk Pitt" or "NUMA". This is where fiction meets fact. DOXA is, in fact, one of the most well -established Swiss watch companies. DOXA was founded in 1889 in Le Locle, Switzerland. Among other horological firsts, DOXA is famous for the legendary 8 day watch used in early Bugatti® sports cars, not to mention the DOXA SUB diver's watch with its no-decompression dive table.

Q. Where is DOXA (Montres DOXA SA) located?

A. DOXA is located in the heart of the Swiss watch industry area in the city of Biel, Switzerland in the same neighborhood as Rolex® and a 5 minute drive to Grenchen home to Breitling®, Fortis® and others.

Q. Where Can I buy a DOXA?

A. DOXA offers a special part of it's collection - the re-edition series directly to customers through this website. This ensures high quality, the exclusiveness of a low production numbers (limited editions) and direct contact with the manufacturer. Buying direct from the manufacturer guarantees that you are purchasing an authentic DOXA, as well as receiving the benefit of direct customer service.

Q. How can I order DOXA watches online? What payment methods available? What if I do not own a credit card?

A. To place an order with one of the re-edition models, you can click the "order now" button on the product page and place your order using a major credit card like VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Alternatively we also offer alternative payment options through our billing partner "" like wire transfers, bank drafts or personal checks. If you wish to use one of the alternative payment methods, please send an email to us at We will contact you with the required details.

Q. I do not want to send my credit card information over the internet. How else can I order a DOXA watch?

A. Although all DOXA web order forms are securely encrypted by SSL, we offer customers the alternative of ordering by Fax. If you prefer to order by Fax, please fill out the order form of the model you like to order and instead of clicking the "order now" please print the order form and send by fax within the USA and Canada to 1 866 230 2922 or +43 1 57726 27 from all other countries.

Q. What if I need service, warranty repair or regular maintenance?

A. All DOXA Re-edition models offered on this web site are covered by a 2 year limited warranty, which means in the unlikely case that your watch needs warranty repair within 2 years from the date of purchase your watch will be repaired for free. All DOXA Re-edition models offered on this web site are covered by a 2 year limited warranty, which means in the unlikely case that your watch needs warranty repair within 2 years from the date of purchase your watch will be repaired for free. DOXA has multiple Service locations throughout the USA, All watches are collected by the main hub in Hayes, VA, then directed to the service center or HQ in Europe. In the unlikely case that you experience any problems with one of our products purchased on this site, please use this form to initiate a Service request, in order to receive the shipping instructions to the main hub in VA.

Q. What are the service intervals for DOXA watches?

A. Like any mechanical device, a watch needs to be serviced regularly in order to insure a trouble free operation. Obviously, we cannot indicate the intervals for such work, given that it depends entirely on the model, climate and the care taken by the watch's owner. As a general rule, it is between 4 and 5 years, depending on the use of the watch.

Q. Who is Montres DOXA SA? or DOXA Watches SA ?

A. DOXA is one the oldest independent firms still involved in the Swiss watch industry, unlike most of the other Swiss watch manufacturers, DOXA is a privately held company, with one aim "a great product for the watch enthusiast".

Q. What is the production capacity of DOXA SA?

A. DOXA is a mid size watch manufacturer. Due to our limited production numbers, DOXA watches are very exclusive and have proven to retain their value in the resale market.

Q. When was DOXA founded?

A. DOXA was founded in 1889 by Georges Duccommun, the patent holder of the first 8 day movement. DOXA holds several patents in the Swiss watch industry like the patent for the no-decompression dive table rotating bezel (download the original patent pdf document here) of the legendary DOXA SUBXXX and also the jumping second movement

Q. Who runs DOXA today?

A. DOXA is owned by the JENNY family, watch makers for the past 5 generations and former shareholders in the DOXA Montres SA company. Mr. Jenny II is the founder and owner of Jenny watches, manufacturer of the first 1000 meter/ 3300feet water resistant diver watch.

Q. What is so special about the DOXA SUB bezel?

A. The DOXA Bezel is equipped with a table for no-decompression dives, the bezel was one of the most useful devices ever invented for diver watches and was patented by DOXA in 1968 under the US patent number US3505808 click the number to download the initial patent file to the US trademark office from 1968.

Q. Is there a forum for DOXA watch enthusiasts?

A. Yes. It can be found at

Q. Can I get a replacement bracelet for my vintage DOXA?

A. Unfortunately, due to the rush on vintage DOXA parts in 2002 (at the introduction of the re-edition), original bracelets are no longer available. However, DOXA has designed a new rubber strap to fit all 20mm Lug vintage SUBs.

Q. Can I get parts (not including the bracelet) for my vintage DOXA?

A. There are almost no parts left for the vintage SUB 300T models, hundreds of models from the seventies were sent in for refurbishment since the introduction of the SUB300T re-edition. Exception: movement and movement parts are available. DOXA offers a discount to the vintage model owners when they buy one of the new SUB600T models, to receive your discount please contact

Q. What is the warranty offered by DOXA on new SUBs?

A. 1. DOXA guarantees to supply spare parts for at least 10 years.
2. The new DOXA SUB SUB750T and SUB600 T-GRAPH come with a 2 year limited warrantee Note for US customers: service for US customers is handled by DOXA's service center.


Q. Does the original DOXA SUB have a screw down crown?

A. The original DOXA SUBs (no T) have a screw down crown (slim case and sailing ship on the back). The first DOXA SUB T's had a screw down crown (the medium thick case and sailing ship on the back). The first Synchron made SUB 300T (thick case and sailing ship on the back) also had a screw down crown. The second generation Synchron made DOXA SUB 300T´s do not have the screw down crown (thick case and Synchron logo on the back). The third generation Synchron made DOXAs with the thickest case do have a screw down crown.


Q. What movement(s) are used in DOXA SUB 600T?

A. The re-issues uses the workhorse ETA 2824 movement, decorated and refined by DOXA. The details of the mechanism can be found on the movement page.


Q. What is the relationship between DOXA and Jenny (pronounced Yanni) watches? Why does the fish logo for both look related?

A. Ever heard about the famous Jenny Caribbean diver's watch from the seventies, water resistant to 1000m (The first 1000 meter water resistant and patented wristwatch ever mad, incorporating the monocoque design)? - The logo shows a fish but implements the 'J' from the name Jenny as well. Now what has that to do with the DOXA SUB 300T re-issue ? - The Jenny Family are also Trademark Holder of DOXA S.A. - Mr. Jenny is DOXA S.A's CEO. JENNY (pronounced YANNI), it was his grand father who contributed with his know how to build the DOXA first SUB diver watch and he also manufactured watches for names like AQUADIVE, FORTIS, PHILIP WATCHES, EISENHARDT, JACQUES DROZ, and others. The case was revolutionary in that the case was made out of 1 piece so the movement was removed from the front.


Q. What is the relationship between DOXA and Synchron? Why do some vintage models say Synchron on the back?

A. After the crisis of the Swiss watch industry in the seventies, DOXA joined a group of Swiss companies to be able to resist the crisis the group was called SYNCHRON - it was in that time when the watches manufactured carried the logo DOXA by SYNCHRON. The following companies were part of the Synchron Group (Girard Perregaux, Eberhard &Co., DOXA, Borel, Cyma etc..)


Q. What is the relationship between DOXA and US Divers? Why do some vintage models have a US Divers logo?

A. The US Divers Co. was the official distributor of the DOXA SUB diver watch in the USA in the seventies. Also the Non -decompression dive table incorporated into the DOXA SUB models was developed in co-operation with the US divers Co. Jacques Cousteau was Chairman of the Board of US Divers from 1957 until his death in 1996.


Q. How do I use the no-decompression dive bezel?

A. The information on how to use the bezel is at: Bezel Instructions.


Q. Is the bezel calibrated in Feet or Meters?

A. The bezel of the re-issue SUB 300T has graduations in Meters. There are 2 major diving institutes in the world - SSI and PADI, and their courses adhere to the metric system. This was the reason for DOXA to choose the metric bezels but following the release of the 300T re-issue we received lots of inquiries regarding a SUB 300T bezel with Feet graduations, they decided that the new SUB bezels will be available in Feet, as they were on the original watch.


Q. Why do some of the older models not have a T in the name? e.g. SUB 300 instead of SUB 300T?

A. The T stands for TRITIUM which is the luminous coating on the hands and dial markers. It is radioactive. The "activity" used in watch making is limited to a value of 25 mCi (milliCurie) which means that no radiation will pass through the glass and / or the case of the watch. Many old watches had < 25 MC on the dial which means that the activity of the luminescent material used on the dial is below the legal limit of 25 mCi. The watches produced with another compound did not have the T. Recently Doxa were informed that US and EC regulations will not allow importing watches with Tritium coating in the near future, so they are switching to Super Luminova.


Q. What is the relationship between Doxa, Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt?

A. See the Doxa website at: DOXA's visit to Dr. Cussler.
You may also like to visit the NUMA webpage


Q. Where can I find reviews of Doxa watches?

A. please visit or as well as the reviews on this site.


Q. What is the difference between a self-winding (automatic) and a hand-winding movement?

A. The difference between these two movements is the way in which the watch is wound. Manual-winding watches must be wound by hand every day, whereas self-winding watches are wound by an internal rotor. The internal rotor responds to wrist movements. Self-winding watches usually have a power reserve of at least 40 hours and therefore have sufficient energy reserves to maintain a stable rate when the watch is not being worn (e.g. overnight).


Q. Are DOXA watches shock-resistant ?

A. Yes. DOXA watches are shock-resistant to 5000 g


Q. Are DOXA watches resistant to magnetic fields?

A. Yes. DOXA watches are anti-magnetic in accordance with the definitions of the ISO 764 standard. This standard is based on the accidental passage of a watch in a magnetic field of 4,800A/m, i.e. 0.006 Tesla. the effect of the residual magnetism should not exceed 30 seconds per day for a gents watch and 45 seconds per day for a ladies watch.


Q. Where can I find wallpapers for the SUB 300T?

A. DOXA has several Windows wallpapers for the SUB 300T. They can be downloaded below in Resources / Info tab.


Q. What are the service intervals on DOXA watches?

A. Like any high-precision instrument, a watch needs to be services regularly in order for it to work perfectly. Obviously, we cannot indicate the intervals for such work, given that it depends entirely on the model, climate and the care taken by the watch's owner. As a general rule, it is between 3 and 5 years, depending on the use of the watch.


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    J.E., Rancho Mirage, CA, DOXA SUB5000T Caribbean

    Just a short note to say that my Sub 5000T (68/5000) arrived in tact. It is an amazing watch and I could not be more satisfied. Special pricing made it possible sooner than I thought, and I believe I got a true bargain in a dive watch recognized around the world. My sincere thanks to all at Doxa who had a hand in producing my Seaconqueror.

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    Joseph S., Sub 750T Professional #4093/5000

    I have to say it is an awesome piece.As an owner of a few Rolex's and Tags, I was recently thinking of adding a Rolex Sub to my collection.But the article in hr:Watches and your web site helped me in my decision.Now I have the right Sub a DOXA.Your service is great at my door in 4 days.This watch including the box it comes in far surrpass any Rolex I have and for a lot less money.Very pleased&impressed.

    Read what owners say about DOXA dive watches »
    Dean, Alberta, Canada, 2006 SUB750T Clive Cussler Professional Edition 4504/5000

    Thank you for a brilliant time piece. The watch looks a million times better in person than in the spectacular photos on the official forum and on the website (which are what sold me in the first place). This watch is unquestionably one of the finest watches I have ever purchased.

    I am very, very glad I bought this watch. Doxa's quick turnaround and prompt responses to all of my queries was also much appreciated. I normally hate waiting for things, but like a very few select other parts of my life this watch was well worth the 4 day wait.


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