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Back in the 30s, DOXA earned its reputation not for dive watches, but as in-dash timers for drivers. DOXA developed an oversized watch that functioned as a "car clock" - literally a watch that was installed in the car to tell the driver the time. To make this a practical time keeper, DOXA had to make something that would run longer than 24 hours. DOXA's answer was an 8-Day movement which was adopted as the time reference by one of the world's most legendary car manufacturers - Bugatti. Bugatti equipped its legendary race cars with the DOXA 8-day dash-clock, and drove into the record books!

From the dashboard to your desk

DOXA is proud to offer the DOXA 8 Day. Each piece is built with the same craftsmanship of those famous time keepers of yesteryear. The DOXA 8-day is a wonderful testament to that time. This timekeeper is a true work of art - essentially a hand-crafted, small series of watches. This wonderful reminder of a simpler time comes to you delivered in an archival presentation case of wood and leather - it is the ideal desk watch! It is reminiscent of those bygone days that remind us all of the peerless workmanship of another era.

technical specifications  
Hand-wound DOXA caliber 11.B, 15 jewels, 8 day (approximately 190 hour power reserve), skeletonized and decorated, balance frequency of 18,999 v/h, shock - resistant

Crystal Mineral glass
Dimentions dimensions: diameter: 66 mm, height: 18,5 mm
Guarantee 1  year limited warranty
Source Available directly through the manufacturer
Factory Price $ 2390.00
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